Computer Security: Download, Download, Download!

Submitted by: David Willis

Be free to install as well as download any patches of software or programs that could help in eliminating the computer virus.

You could also try to religiously follow any of the instructions that you will find in order to manually delete the virus.

Do not rest on your laurels

Do not be easily convinced that once the computer virus has been deleted, the virus is now totally eliminated.


The best way to determine if the virus is completely destroyed is via running a virus scan. If the scan reports that no virus components have been detected, you can now relax.

Un-attach yourself from attachments

Caution must always be practiced once attachments have been received. The file extensions that one should be careful in opening are those that end in *.exe, *.doc, *.ppt or *.xls.

However, those that end in the following extensions such as: *.js, *.vbs should as much as possible never be opened.

All in all, every computer is vulnerable to be attacked. What one needs to protect your own PC is caution and preparedness to look towards the future and anticipate any potential attack prior to it happening. This ensures your computer to run as smoothly as it possibly could.

Be updated with current and future security threats now Now that we have discussed the threats to your online security, let s review and summarize how you can remain informed about potential threats. The Internet and e-mail are amazing resources that everyone utilizes to communicate with each other.

Unfortunately, it is also being used for malicious activities such as scammers that use the e-mail to get money from computer users. Scan your registry for free at

Fortunately, there is an easy way to recognize any attempts of scamming that arrive through e-mail.

Knowledge is power and the descriptions indicated below are three of the email scams currently being used by scrupulous individuals. Stay informed and read on.

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