Help Your Branding Efforts With Color Postcards

Help Your Branding Efforts With Color Postcards


Kaye Z. Marks

Postcard printing may not be as popular as other branding tools. Nevertheless, this is a good investment to help a branding campaign.

Whatever kind of product or service that you may want to promote, such can actually be easily adapted and customized to present the kind of brand that you want. If you want to give color postcards a go for your branding efforts, then let me give you five essential things that you can do with them to help in branding. Just read the list below and you should see how this kind of custom postcard branding works.


1. Uses in direct mail marketing – postcards have long been used in direct mail marketing. Their nature has in fact contributed to the ease with which visual and text-marketing messages can be communicated through the postal service. You can use this same tool to promote your specific kind of brand to specific consumers. In this way, the best and most responsive people can know your brand and try it out eventually. So if you can invest on this for your branding campaign, use those cards for quick and easy direct mail marketing and branding.

2. Leave at the shop for visibility – You can also use these as an in shop tool for promoting your brand. Many big and small businesses leave their customized cards at their shop for people to just pick up. These materials with branding images tend to be easy style promotional tools that people can digest easily without a second thought. This helps you maintain that brand image in their minds, helping you gain a psychological advantage in sales. The more people pick up those these tools for branding, the more your brand becomes recognized and memorable of course.

3. Give as freebies for customers – using these cards and giving them as freebies to customers. These are great as giveaways since people tend to have many other uses for them. They use such as collectibles, as actual mailing materials or even as bookmarks, collage items or just for plain decoration. By deploying them just like this, you can promote your specific brand quite easily as the readers do the distribution themselves.

4. Sell as novelty items or collectibles – Now, you can also do a one up in your branding efforts by actually selling them as novelty items or collectibles. If you can design a great looking enough full color layout, this can be your way to deliver that brand and still get profits in the matter. All you have to do is to integrate your brand logo and maybe even your brand theme in these novelty designs. This allows you to subtly deliver your branding message in a nice card without really going over-commercial about it.

5. Include in other kits and marketing products – Finally, you can squeeze in your branding postcards in other types of public relations kits and marketing products. This allows you to reinforce your brand image and presence in all your other types of kits and products for a well-rounded and extensive branding campaign. The more your brand is visible, the more it can succeed.

This is how you can use your marketing tools to help with your branding efforts. As you can see, postcard printing can be used in a variety of ways and venues to deliver that branding message in a great and cunning manner.

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