Modern Landscape Designs

Modern Landscape designs



Designing is considered to be an art and in landscape designing, the right use of tools can help to create the most beautiful landscape for the garden. Landscaping frames a building like a perfect painting by hiding its rough edges. It increases the visual appearance of a house by creating outdoor living spaces. A beautifully landscaped garden provides a well personal satisfaction from bringing together all of the separate elements of an area and gives an elegant view for the locations. There are some basic elements to be considered while designing a landscaped garden and they are color, form, line, scale and texture. Several elements can be added to the landscape while designing it. The landscape plants that can be included are: trees, shrubs, lawns, groundcovers, perennials, annuals, fruits and vegetables.

Styling your landscape


The landscape garden of yours can be given an elegant enriched look by choosing a particular style, which makes all the elements to look like one composition. The usual styles used are formal, informal, natural, English and Japanese. In formal style, the left of the yard is a mirror image of the right side while in informal, both the left and right sides of the yard look different but they all be in a balanced appearance. Natural style gives the house to look like it was in the middle of somewhere undisturbed piece of land. The general feature in English style is the large lawn areas surrounded by flowerbeds and it requires a wide area for accomplishing this style. In English Cottage Garden style, no lawns are created but plants as many perennials into the yard for the elegant look. Japanese style includes rocks and irregular shaped trees and shrubs in intricate arrangements and it s the most costly style than all others.

Xeriscape landscaping

This style of landscaping is implanted in the areas where the soil or sand is attempted to dry out. Xeriscape, literally means dry landscape and it doesn t means that you should be limited to plant only desert plants like cacti but you could plant other plants that are suitable for a drought soil. The element that mainly avoided in this style is lawn grass plants since it is one of the plants that require or absorbs lots of water. Plants most suited to xeriscape landscaping are sometimes referred to as “xeric” plants. Nowadays this style is becoming more prominent since it not only protects our limited water resources but is low maintenance and promotes natural, chemical free gardening techniques that are safe for the environment.

Succulent garden designs

This type of garden is enriched with plants that are adaptable to arid climate and the plants are very fleshy and can store water and they need only low maintenance. This style can be attempted for both indoors and outdoors and can be made more attractive by including many clean ideas. If you choose to implant an indoor succulent garden, then containers in vibrant colors and shapes are the best option for planting your plants and small succulent plants will be suitable for growing indoors. If it s for the outdoor location, you can create a rock garden surrounded by succulent plants. You can also try by planting them between two rocks or cascading over the rocks. Choose plant color according to rocks to create good color contrasting view for your garden.

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